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Dispute Resolution Secretariat (Tribunal)

Consult Jurisprudence

Under SDRCC rules, all decisions rendered by arbitrators must be made public unless ordered otherwise by the arbitrator. Decisions from the Doping Tribunal and Doping Appeals Tribunal are to be made public without exception.

All settlement agreements reached by parties during a resolution facilitation process or during mediation shall remain confidential.

The jurisprudence database is a collection of all decisions rendered by SDRCC arbitrators since the establishment of its services, including those rendered under the interim ADRsportRED program and those rendered by the CCES Doping Panel prior to June 1, 2004. The decisions can be searched by using the names of parties or of arbitrators, dates, types of dispute, or other keywords. The database contains, for each case, the full text of the decision rendered by the arbitrator as well as, when applicable, a summary version. The content of this database is a powerful tool for NSOs and MSOs in learning from other organizations' disputes and adapting their own policies and procedures to avoid such disputes from arising in their organization. As in case law, the database can also help parties to a dispute evaluate their chances of success by consulting previous decisions rendered in similar situations.


Click here to search decisions from the SDRCC Jurisprudence Database.