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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada is appointed by the federal Minister responsible for sport. The twelve (12) appointed Board members reflect regional and cultural diversity, and the broad diversity in Canadian sports. A minimum of three (3) positions on the SDRCC Board are reserved for athletes. The SDRCC Board must also include a coach, a Board member or administrator of a National Sport Organization and a Board member or administrator of a Major Games Organization. The remaining members possess expertise in law and in alternative dispute resolution.

The role of the SDRCC Board members is to provide strategic direction, to approve its strategic plan and the policies necessary for its implementation, and to ensure that the SDRCC management has the necessary resources to deliver on its performance objectives. For the sake of clarity, Board members are not privy to matters before the Dispute Resolution Secretariat nor to those before the Office of the Sport Integrity Commissioner.


Brad Kielmann Brad Kielmann

Voting members

Aaron Bruce Aaron Bruce
Pierre Chabot Pierre Chabot
Katie Damphouse Katie Damphouse
Inaki Gomez
Kevin Kelly Kevin Kelly
Heather Kemkaran-Antymniuk Heather Kemkaran-Antymniuk
Nick Lenehan Nick Lenehan
Lanni Marchant Lanni Marchant
Dorianne Mullin Dorianne Mullin
Alice Strachan Alice Strachan

Ex officio

Marie-Claude Asselin Marie-Claude Asselin (CEO)