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Dispute Resolution Secretariat (Tribunal)

Legal Representatives

The SDRCC is pleased to make available to all parties the names, resumes and contact information of legal representatives in the event that they feel the need to seek counsel in their proceedings before the SDRCC.

There are effectively two lists of legal representatives that can be consulted (some lawyers may appear on both lists):


Pro Bono Program

These legal representatives have indicated to the SDRCC that they have special interest or expertise in the field of sport law. They offer their services to assist you if you have any questions regarding your rights and obligations as a member of the Canadian sport community, as well as to possibly represent you during SDRCC proceedings.

These representatives may or may not, at their own discretion, charge varying professional fees for their services.

To access the list of lawyers who have asked the SDRCC to publish their names and resumes, click here.

The SDRCC Pro Bono Program is intended to facilitate the access to free legal advice and services to unrepresented parties involved in disputes before the SDRCC. The volunteer lawyers on this list have come forward to the SDRCC to offer the following services at no cost:

  • summary advice;
  • representation at mediation or arbitration;
  • procedural information; and
  • form completion assistance.

To access the list of volunteers who have accepted to provide such services and to learn more on the terms and conditions of the Pro Bono Program, click here.

If you are an attorney and wish to submit your name, contact details and resume for the "Pro Bono Program" and/or for the list of lawyers, please contact