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The Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada offers an innovative approach to dealing with disputes at the national level of Canada's sport system.

This independent centre, the brainchild of leading figures in the sport community, takes a proactive approach to dispute resolution. Our primary focus is on education and prevention.

SDRCC is helping to make some important changes in the culture of sport. More information and better tools are reducing the number and severity of disputes. Conflicts are being resolved more quickly and efficiently, which is particularly important in situations where an athlete's ability to compete is at stake.

Where the parties involved can't work out disputes, SDRCC offers world-class resolution facilitation, mediation, med/arb and arbitration services. Avoiding a court battle means a quicker resolution at less cost and, in most cases, a better result for everyone involved.

The SDRCC is constituted by a federal act and is funded by the Government of Canada (Sport Canada).

Our Products & Services

The two core elements of SDRCC are the Dispute Prevention Resource Centre and the Dispute Resolution Secretariat (Tribunal).

The Dispute Prevention Resource Centre features a wide variety of information, tools and documents to help members of the sport community prevent disputes or minimize their severity. You will find practical advice, templates for clauses and policies, a newsletter, articles and other publications, success stories, and academic research papers, decisions rendered by arbitrators, etc. Many of these resources are available through powerful databases.

The Dispute Resolution Secretariat (Tribunal) provides alternate dispute resolution in the form of resolution facilitation, mediation, med/arb and arbitration. In resolution facilitation and mediation, we help to facilitate a resolution without rendering any kind of formal decision. In arbitration, the arbitrator considers the merits of both sides of the case then renders a decision. In med/arb, the process starts with mediation and, if the dispute is not resolved, concludes by arbitration. The section on our website that is dedicated to the dispute resolution services offers more details on these different options.

Our Clients

The SDRCC is able to meet the needs of a wide range of people involved in the Canadian sport system at the national level: members of National Sports Organizations and Multisport Services Organizations, including athletes, coaches, officials, administrators and volunteers.

The SDRCC does not have jurisdiction to resolve disputes at the international, provincial, local or professional levels, but all Internet-based dispute prevention initiatives are available to everyone, no matter what level, through our Dispute Prevention Resource Centre.