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A collection of references and publications (books, articles, peer-reviewed journals, etc.) on topics related to alternative dispute resolution.

This specialized Resource Library constitutes a very rich source of information to anyone interested in dispute prevention and dispute resolution.  While some documents address general issues on alternative dispute resolution, a large number of publications also apply these general principles to the very particular situation of sports-related disputes. Several publications in sport law, in sport management, and in management of not-for-profit organizations also provide useful information for dispute prevention.

All publications are available for on-site consultation at the SDRCC office in Montreal.

The online database tool allows website visitors to search over 1,300 titles and find out which of them are also available for consultation in one or more of 25 university libraries located across the country. The library database is compatible with BrowseAloud.

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For more information on the Resource Library or on our business hours for on-site consultation, please contact us.